Learning to Care - Animated Graphic
Learning to Care - Animated Graphic Learning to Care - Animated Graphic

Mark Moulynox is a respected name in the Australian country music industry and is in demand as a session musician and performer. He has also been performing for many years as a singer / songwriter in the Australian Christian music scene. Mark's experience as   a parent and music teacher has been vital in the development of this resource.

This material is useful in all primary and special education classes, especially as complementary material for PD and reading. The theme of Learning to Care is very evident in these songs. Although produced as an education resource, these songs also work well in Church and Children's Ministry settings.

With easy to learn, catchy tunes and lyrics, teachers and students will have many hours of fun and exciting musical activity.

CD:  $15
Songbook:  $15
Songbook Blackline Masters:  $25


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Unsolicited Comment:
"We have already listened to the 'Learning to Care' tape a couple of times and are really impressed with the values the lyrics promote. It's just the material we were seeking."